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May 11 2018 Anchor

Hi Guys I am playing Lost Alpha Developers Cut version 1.4005 and am stuck. I cannot go to radar without being under a 2 minute timer. but was still able to get Nomads property and return it to him. I got to Lab X10 and got a 4 minute timer to disable the security, find the code, open and prop the door and disable 4 emitters, it does not seem possible given all the mutants down there. Should I kill the pyrogeist and trigger a meltdown? I am wearing the SSP100M suit upgraded to psi protection +40, and I have the adjusted working psi helmet and have disabled the miracle machine in lab X16. Am I missing something? Would a Monolith Scientific Suit allow me to operate in radar without a time limit? Is there some artifact that would help? I am 50 hours in to the game and really don't want to have to start over because I did something wrong. Any help would be really appreciated. By the way anyone know how to enable "God" mode? g_god on does not work

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