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Jan 4 2019 Anchor

This is probably a long shot, but here goes nothing. For those of you familiar with Stalker modding.....

I've been playing the Dead Air mod for Stalker: CoP, and I'm tryinig to create a HUD/Icon mod for it. There is a dds image file called "ui_actor_hint_wnd" that contains many things that I wish to change. Specifically, the Primary Task, Secondary Task, and Secret icon. (Yellow, white, and green respectively)

Does anyone know how to increase the size of these textures WHILE keeping them positioned correctly on their center point? I have figured out how to increase the size, but in-game, it appears to be 'anchored' on the top-left corner, and increasing the size makes it grow outward from the top-left corner. This shifts the center point of the texture away (down and to the right) of the exact location.

Is there a way to SCALE the texture? Or at least keep it centered? Or offset it? Changing the X and Y doesn't seem to do anything.

I'm working within "map_spots_16.xml" (Line 939 for example), which can be found in Configs/UI.

Hopefully this made sense. Any help is appreciated!


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