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Apr 6 2018 Anchor

Hello friends,

I have been looking for a stalker modding forum for about a month and have not found one, so I ask for your help here^^

I am currently playing Lost Alpha and am trying to make wounded NPCs play pain sounds when hit (because they seem to loop the wounded sound and not react to anything else). Does anyone know where the behavior for the different states (sleep, walk, wounded, etc.) is defined? I cant seem to find the right file.



Apr 6 2018 Anchor

I believe there are some files dealing with NPCs speaking in the config folder.

Though, wounded NPCs usually die in one hit, anyway, so...

Apr 7 2018 Anchor

Not anymore ;)

I have tweaked the damage for bodyparts, so it is almost impossible for NPCs to die from foot or hand shots and much less likely from leg or arm shots.

Yeah, there are a lot of files in the config folder, which one do you mean?^^

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