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Stalker: Call of Chernobyl bug crashes when a grenade explodes in the arena (Forums : PC Gaming : Stalker: Call of Chernobyl bug crashes when a grenade explodes in the arena) Post Reply
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Jun 8 2017 Anchor

I'm trying to kill the guy with the exoskeleton in the arena.

The strange thing is when i hide and i don't see the explosion, everything is fine. But even if i just slightly see the explosion, the game just crashes.

With this bug i can't complete the fight. Please help me.

Also, there is no text in the log file.

EDIT: It seems like the crash occurs when the grenade kills (or hurts) the exoskeleton guy. I deleted the game data the reinstalled the addons but the issue is still present...

Addons used:
AO 3.1 v5
Call of Ambient music addon v2
coc ukrainian voices 4.1.1
Corpses drop 1.4.14
Increased_weapon_damage_v.1.6_for_AO3_CoC_1.4.18 (i use the 2.weapon damage - light)
Low_Crouch_and_Prone (but idk how to prone)
STCoP_Weapon_Pack_2.8_v5 with v5.1 Patch

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Jan 5 2018 Anchor

Actually that's not the problem. Boxes are the problem, and F1 grenades just expand upon it. Something about the wooden crates causes an issue. When the fragmentation from an F1 grenade hits a box it causes the game's engine to implode on itself for an unknown reason so the game crashes.

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