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Jun 9 2017 Anchor

Yep. Some people have dealt with this problem. Of course, yes. Source mods not showing up on Steam. I downloaded them from this site, but they don't tell me which Source SDK Bases I need. I have five mods, let me show you which ones work and which do not:

Mods that work:

The Stanley Parable - HL2 Mod

Mods that don't work:

portalhot - Portal 2 Mod

aperture_ireland - Portal 2 Mod

I have mods that I keep deleting and installing, they don't work, what do I do?

I installed more mods, they crash.

I found some files to fix the mods, nothing happens in my Steam Library.

The SteamPipe patches were a failure. Is it because I need to own the full version of the game? Because some of the game's files do not appear in the folder.

Dec 7 2017 Anchor


I know just enough to be dangerous, so if I spout any nonsense here, I hope someone more knowledgeable will correct me. And forgive me if I turn into Captain Obvious, but even if you know this stuff, someone else might not and could find it helpful.

Once you have downloaded a new mod, you copy [or more commonly, extract] it to your Steam/steamapps/sourcemods folder. Check that folder; for every mod you think you have installed there should be a folder in the sourcemods folder; the folder name usually will be the mod name.

Each folder will have in it a text file named "gameinfo"; the first line of which will look like this:

game "The Stanley Parable" [or whatever].

Assuming you have closed and restarted Steam since you installed the mod, it should show up in your Steam game library.

Now this in no way guarantees it will run; that depends on a number of other factors.


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Dec 23 2017 Anchor

Edit: Like, I needed to have the game.

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