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Should I get a Moddb account? (Forums : Suggestions : Should I get a Moddb account?) Locked
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Jul 16 2018 Anchor

ow, let me start by saying how much I love native. It is a lovely game with great gameplay and all... But after awhile, I crave the smell of gunpowder and modern warfare, which it just cannot supply.

Hence why I often crave to be able to play mods like the Red Wars Mod and the Wild West mod, which really tickle my fancy... If I could download them, that is. But whenever I attempt to, it just ends up redirecting me to another site to download it from, often not as trustworthy.

It often implies that you could download it from Moddb itself, but only members can do it... Which is why I had been thinking of maybe finally becoming a member for once, but I wanna ask others before I do. I don't wanna walk into anything I might regret.

Is there any catch involved, or is it really that simple and worth-while?

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