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Dec 5 2018 Anchor

Here is a (partial and personal) summary of the SG13 history, from the beginning to the latest C++ meeting. Like many others, I have been interested in this group and what it could offer to the community. I have been lurking for many years the evolution of the proposals. So I tried to understand why this group failed to provide what the community was expecting.

SG13 was born in August 2013 as a wish to add a 2D graphic layer to the C++ standard. The initial requirements were: "Modern C++11/14 API, 2D graphics + text + planes, Immediate mode for v1, Plus a sprite/particle/input layer on top, Optional default game loop, No audio, native_handle, Asset loading/construction hook". So great! The birth mail also included some existing libraries as examples: SFML, LibSDL, Graphucks, Cinder, etc. Note that cairo was not mentioned. At that time, SG13 was called "Graphics".

Initial ideas began to emerge, like having input in v1, of course. Some confusions too, like people talking about "input like iostream", or "immediate versus retained mode". What? Even back in 2013, input handling was not a strange beast but a well-known feature, nothing to invent here, just copy what already exists. Same with immediate versus retained, a modern GPU only knows immediate mode and redrawing the frame each time, they are optimized for this workflow. But well, let's say it's only the beginning.

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