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Nov 17 2020 Anchor


I'm a Unity indie home developer.
I have created a tool called Unity Optimizer for my own needs with the video game i'm working on.

Unity Optimizer is a standalone tool that helps Unity video game developers to easily optimize the size of their builds.

I have decided to share this tool because i think it can be really usefull for a lot of Unity developers.
I have released a free version with 80% of the features and a commercial (very cheap) version.
The goal for me is not to earn money but to be able to buy a few quality assets for my own video game project i'm working on alone and save precious time.

Key features :
- Very easy to use !- Intuitive UX and simple and clear material design based UI
- Works well with Unity 2018, 2019 and 2020 for 2D and 3D projects
- Works for all build targets (Win, MacOs, Linux, IOS, Android...)
- 2 possible project analysis (basic analysis or in depth analysis)
- Basic analysis will analyse all your project assets (textures, models, sounds, scenes, prefabs...)
- In depth analysis will open all image assets to analyse their binary content to find possible optimizations
- Check asset info (size, usage, included in build...) in asset explorer tab
- Fast overview of the largest assets in your project
- Fast overview of the assets that are not used but included in your build (and could be removed)
- Get statistics about the build asset type distribution (textures, sounds, 3D models, scripts...)
- Get a list of suggestions of what to do to reduce the size of your build (more than 10 different advice)
- Optimize each asset by just following Unity Optimizer optimization tips
- Can work side by side with Unity in realtime

Standalone tool :
Open and deeply parse your unity project to find all the best optimizations in a few minutes.
Unity Optimizer and Unity can work together side by side in real time.
Available only for Windows 64 bits on the Windows Store (i would have loved to publish it on the Unity Asset Store but standalone tools are not accepted)

Free version available !
or search for "Unity Optimizer Free" in the Windows Store

Full version available !
or search for "Unity Optimizer" in the Windows Store

Also available on itch.io !

I'm quite sure that Unity Optimizer can help you to significantly reduce the size of your builds !
Let me know :)


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