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Jun 7 2021 Anchor

Hi all!

I'm here to recruit for a Half-Life 2: Episode 2 mod. I've been developing ideas for it for a long time now and now feel ready to take the first necessary step to make it a reality!

Some information on the mod -

The mod is a First Person Action Horror meant to be a spiritual successor to Doom 3.
I have a rough story overview, a complete weapon list and the gameplay is already conceptualised. There should be minimum surprises or deviations from the plan currently in place meaning that feature creep will (hopefully) be minimised.

What is my role? -

My plan is to work on the project in a director role, but I'd like to be as hands on as possible with it. I will be writing, blocking out levels, promoting and etc. Basically doing everything I can and filling in empty roles to the best of my ability.

Who do I need? -

Team currently has no one so any and all help would be welcome!
But, if you want a more structured list:

  • Programmer (with source engine experience)
  • 2d Artist
  • Concept Artist
  • Effects Artist
  • UI designer
  • Level Designer
  • 3d artist
  • Animator
  • Sound Designer
  • Musician (not urgent)
  • Writer

If you feel there's something not listed that you can contribute, let me know!

Money? -

Sadly no. I'm not making money with this either, it's just a passion project. I hope this'll be fun for all who join!

Conclusion -

If the project sounds cool to you and you'd like to help out, just reply to this thread. If you have any questions at all, reply too. I'll respond to all of them!

EDIT - Fixed formatting issues.

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