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Dec 2 2017 Anchor

So here's the situation...

I have Star Wars Battlefront 2 (the better 2005 og game duhhh!) on Steam. On my old laptop, my brother had downloaded some mod for the game for me which gave me all these new maps and the heroes vs. villians mode I think?? Anyways - now I have a different laptop and I want to get a similar mod for the game on this laptop. I found all these different mods on this site, but the thing is - there are so many I am COMPLETELY overwhelmed! I just want one basic mod that will give me new maps, new characters would be fun, and I want that heroes game mode. Does anyone know the best mod for what I am looking for? And can someone PLEASE help me install the mod. I found this one mod pack that I downloaded and I ran the installer twice, putting the stuff into different locations each time and neither one worked even though that's what the internet told me to do?? I am completely befuddled????

So I, an average not super technologically savvy huge Star Wars nerd, desperately need someone to help me through this process (step by step - I'm not kidding. I need some instructions written so a preschooler could read them XD XD). I will be extremely thankful for any help you can give me! Thank you so much :)

- Caleope

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