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Jan 10 2017 Anchor

Hi ! i love quake the stroggs the marines and the hole universe and wondered that anybody else would love quake in an rts form maybe for star wars forces of corruption , men of war assault squad or some game like company of heroes.. it has plenty of units and if needed there is quake 2 and quake wars for more units or ideas  :/ it would be great to command a strogg army.. i hope i'm not the onlyone and someone will see the potentional in this idea and helps me to make it happen ! :)

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Jan 10 2017 Anchor

it's such an awesome idea it's already been attempted: Bluestar.com.au


Jan 10 2017 Anchor

it would be great.

Jan 12 2017 Anchor

I'm playing quake 4 now :) Yeah it would be great :) i would even pay someone to make it :DDD i thought of men of war because of the squad tactics graphics and everything but in empire at war it would be an epic story to conquer the whole galaxy and make everyliving being into a stogg :DD

Nightshade Unemployed 3D artist
Jan 13 2017 Anchor

It's never going to happen, for two reasons:
id Software has always been an FPS developer, and although they've lost the tech race to DICE (Battlefield) and Epic (Unreal), they continue to develop FPS games - which are also quite good ones I shall add!
The second reason is that the RTS genre is very, very competitive. It's more or less completely dominated by Activision-Blizzard. I do like when big, established AAA-devs spread out to new genre-territory - like Blizzard did with Hearthstone and Overwatch - but if id Software were to do something similiar it would be a very bold move on their part that comes with tons of financial risk. From a marketing perspective I seriously doubt that they would ever go that route with one of their strongest IP's. For these reasons I vote "It has no potential". Sure, maybe such a game could be fun but it wouldn't stand a chance against a game like Star Craft 2.

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Jan 17 2017 Anchor

Yeah i know that id will not make an rts game and it was not even said by me that i want them to make it ...i was talkin about a mod for the games i "listed" above would be so much fun to play with..well in my opinion. if someone could make it like the ones who made the clone wars mod for empire at war or the star wars mod for men of war assault squad 2 i think many people would want to play with ...and those are absolutly great mods .

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