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Jul 8 2020 Anchor

Hows it going? I'm hoping someone has a solution for what I'm looking for.

I have some models with existing textures. I'm not familiar with the jargon but any overall model is comprised of multiple objects so the textures are on different sheets or materials. I'd like to modify, enhance, and/or alter those textures on the model if possible. I was hoping I could accomplish this in Substance Painter but the process is time prohibitive.

Is there any program you guys are aware of that would allow the importation of an FBX/OBJ file with the existing textures intact while also providing direct editing of those textures?

Thanks in advance.

Jul 25 2020 Anchor

Which program/engine is this?

Jul 25 2020 Anchor


Import objects in Sculptris Alpha 6, and than just use different textures, very easy program.

Jul 26 2020 Anchor

The models are being used in Unity but I'm doing all the actual work in Max and Substance painter.

I'll look into Sculptris Alpha 6 and see how that works.

What I've been doing so far is condensing the various components down via "attach" in max and then consolidating that object's various textures onto a single page. From what I understand it's supposed to make the objects work better in Unity anyway, since Unity hates draw calls, but it's been fairly tedious and slow.

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