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Aug 28 2021 Anchor

Hello, I just uploaded a post on my game page ( this one ) and had some trouble doing so... just wondering if it was a bug on the website or if I did something weird.

Basicly, the post editor told me I was only allowed to publish the post on the pages I had linked because I had not attached 2 media files, I did have both 2 videos and 2 images though. My first guess was that it could perhaps be due to the images and video (embed) sources were copied from my own website and not uploaded directly to IndieDB. So I tried embedding the videos with the post editor here on IndieDB instead and removed the ones I had copy-pasted from my website. Still had the same problem though.

In the end I uploaded and attached a third image and it appear to have worked- I'm curious to learn why this happened though. :)

Aug 29 2021 Anchor

You have only one media in that tab called "videos" under name "WIP combat".I don`t know the rules for article and connection with tab "videos", but you can uploads few MB of .mp4 for test on that "plus" in tab videos.

INtense! End Boss
Aug 29 2021 Anchor

Found the cause! It wasn't counting videos which it now is, thanks for the report


Scott Reismanis
DBolical | @scottreismanis

Aug 30 2021 Anchor

Great, and you're welcome! Glad I could contribute somehow ( and that it wasn't me who did something wrong or stupid for that matter... ) :D


Creator of Loot Burn Kill Repeat and Demox

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