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Jun 25 2018 Anchor

Just to offset the resumes rules thread, here are some resume posting tips. It is recommended to

  1. Post visual or illustrated resumes instead of text-only resumes, well-formatted ones (using fonts, headers, sections) rather than a single shameful wall of unformatted text to catch a potential employer's attention. You can embed various samples of your work in your posts; images, videos and mp3 files (mp3 files can be added using Videos section) which you can upload to your IndieDB or ModDB member profile or even Media Repo group: Moddb.com or link externally (take care to check if that embedded media is visible to all visitors; login-demanding forum attachment images or bandwidth limited images may not be visible to all visitors)
  2. Participate in as many public discussions as you can. This generates a distinct digital footprint; your every post and contribution to any gamedev community is like advertisement of your professional portfolio. Yes, looking in particular at you music composers and voice actors who love to spam various sites and never contribute to those sites by joining in e.g. hardware and software discussions... notoriety (in a good way) is an excellent yet time-consuming and effort-taking method to pimp your persona and thus indirectly your professional website as well.
  3. Actively seek out the employers instead of wait for them to find and hire you. On IndieDB that means Job Offers Board Moddb.com and Recruiting & Resumes forum Moddb.com
  4. Create as many professional site profiles and channels as possible, for example using YouTube (non-interactive renders, animations), Sketchfab, Soundcloud (music pieces but also interviews, podcasts) and many other websites to do that.
  5. Improve your skills regularly so you can put something new on your portfolio or resume. Cultivating hobbies seemingly unrelated to your trade yet still surprisingly relevant, for example interest in history or study of medieval ages when composing medieval-themed audio tracks, anatomy and science when modelling 3D meshes, and practically almost all other hobbies and interests (for instance even knowledge of gardening can be used in game development. Practically anything can and some employers may often look for people who have some extracurricular understanding of certain subjects). Have a specialty, too.
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