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Jul 11 2019 Anchor

Hi, im Phil

im a 2d/3d artist in the game industry since 10years+

With a dev friend we wanna try to create our own studio to do some fancy little games.

Then after 2 fails on protoypes going too far and taking too much time, we finally suceed to finish one project : Rogue and Bones the pirate's life.

it took 4/5 months to finish the game and we just released it on GooglePlay.


Its the first time we do the marketing stuff all by ourself, and its the hardest part i must say :D we will try to not let it sink in the limbo of the store.

its a turn based Rogue lite in a pirate world. we were inspired by darkest dungeon for the game mechanics and by Monkey island for the theme :D

here are some concept i did for the game :

concept1 Sirene fantome boss



We would love some feedback on how to improve the game.

Thank you !


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