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Dec 4 2018 Anchor

Sorry this probably a very dumb noob question as while I've been a member of Moddb for a while I've only just finally setup mod pages for my Quest for Glory IV 3D Hexen and Star Trek Doom projects.

I didn't think anyone had commented on my projects yet as I hadn't received any sort of notification but while browsing one of my downloads to fix a spelling mistake I noticed someone had commented on it earlier today. If I hadn't of just happened to be there fixing that download I wouldn't have even noticed it. Both my mods have a large combined amount of pics/vids/files so manually searching one by one to see if people have commented on any of them isn't really viable lol so I'm guessing I must be missing something. Can't see anything in my profile other than personal messages and thread watching. Can't see anything in my mod stats page other than visitors and downloads so where on earth do I go to see if anyone is commenting on any of my stuff? Surely there's somewhere that says user xxxxx has commented on picture 27 and user yyyyy has commented on file 3 with links to go read what they said etc?



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