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Mar 3 2018 Anchor

Hey moddb devs...

I was just thinking about an overdue tiny feature implementation for this site.

As modder devs we can define in which groups and certain games our news appear. That's a fantastic feature and makes a lot of sense.

How ever it seems as we can't define this by the same freedom and principle when it comes down to removing news and what so ever.

In my case I posted news about 2 fellow Hl1 mods. People that are part of my modding group although each mod in itself is independent. Sometimes we used the group feature to keep not just the fans of mod xzy informed but also to gather additional fans of said mod for mod Z.

The removal feature how ever doesn't seem to be so kind in the same regard. When I deleted a news flash for a mod that used to be somewhat defunct for couple years (till recently) it instead removed that news flash on all my pages I posted that news about. And at the given time I had only that team mate mod selected for news removal in his mod as I wanted to promote his return by deleting my own news which was still at the front page of said mod.

The conclusion: Add specific site removal features for mods that are linked due to numerous dev mods when and if sharing news flashes.

In my case it removed my latest patch notes for Military Duty hl1 mod on all sub pages I mentioned this update, including my own mod page.

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INtense! End Boss
Mar 3 2018 Anchor

You would need to edit the news, and remove the game link from the news post to do what you are describing.


Scott Reismanis
DBolical | @scottreismanis

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