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Oct 15 2020 Anchor

Hello, I don't see the point in having both moddb and indiedb!? Seems many ppl are just uploading or promoting games here, what's the point of splitting the site? Wouldn't be better in having mods, games, tools and all together? Indiedb has much less visitors, don't u think is a mistake? You could just focus on making this site better instead of splitting efforts!?

Oct 15 2020 Anchor

Mod is mod and game is just a game. And in case that one site is down, you have other. Splitting efforts is a good thing, it will sharp skills of site creator, ..and much more in long term run.

Oct 16 2020 Anchor

Yeah but it should be just one site. Mods are for games. They're closely related. People don't care about 2 sites, they only go where there are the most visitors. Like ModDb has many tabs, indie stuff could be one of them, why separate them? Splitting efforts is not a good thing cuz it wastes resources.. Instead of puttin 100% quality in one, you put 50% in each then you lose more than you gain..

Oct 17 2020 Anchor


You forget about other parts of the network:


What about them ..

Oct 17 2020 Anchor

Oh I didn't know GameFront was related. But still Moddb has many tabs, Indiedb could be one of them. I mean even if they live on separate domains, you could click on games and move to indiedb, then click on mods and come back to moddb.. but both sites look different and I see no way to go back to moddb from indie.. This is kinda messed up, they should integrate each other better and browsing should be seamless u know? As for mod.io I believe it's experimental

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