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Jan 8 2019 Anchor

Hello, my name is Andrew. I'm writing this thread to recruit some people to my team. I'm a certified Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer Edition user, and I have 5 years of experience with it. No, I haven't released any games, but I have created a few demos to test my skills over the span of 5 years. I have a list of jobs below this paragraph, and hopefully I can fill these positions by Friday.

-2D Artist (Character Animations, etc.)

-2D Concept Artist

-Sound Designer/Music Designer (Sound FX and Soundtrack)

-Clickteam Programmer (Must know how to program lacewing, and create a server. Online play stuff)

-Beta Testers (No limit to how many testers there are)

-Community Manager (Twitter, In-Game Chat, etc.)

-Art Director

-Storyboard Director

These are all of the jobs that are available, so hopefully I'll meet some new people soon. Once the team is ready to go, the whole team will be put in a chat to get to know each other, and talk about the project.

The project that is planned is a 2D online RPG, where players have the option to fight each other, or even cooperate. Players will have the option to play offline in a solo mode as well. There will be different characters to choose from, and a new character will be added every month. There will also be trade rooms where player can trade rare items or resources either using the planned premium currency, or with other items. Think of this game like Warframe, only that it's 2D and based in a different point in time, meaning that it's not futuristic. I have lots of plans for this game, and I would love to hear more ideas as well. As soon as the team is put together, we can talk about the game details. Thank you very much for your time on reading this!

Anyone who is interested and meets the requirements above can send an email here: allloyd29@gmail.com

Hope to meet you soon!

Jan 10 2019 Anchor

Why haven't you finished a game within those 5 years? Why only demos? Why would this turn into a full game and not just some prototype of some single mechanics again? What exactly do you bring to the project except a vision? Everyone can have a rough vision for a game or ideas, but what do you contribute in the end?

There is a huge difference between a "demo" or "prototype" and a game. Demos and prototypes can be produced in a messy way quite easily and it's no big deal, but a full game cannot be developed that way.

Your thread sounds honest and I believe that you have a vision for your game and many great ideas, but the way you approach it seems like you're definitely misunderstanding what it takes to make a game.

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Jan 13 2019 Anchor

I'm going to have second iQew here. I'm not seeing anything here that would warrant the risk on my end as I can only see this becoming yet another incomplete prototype...

Jan 14 2019 Anchor

I agree there's some info lacking in thread. Something to show the concept maybe?

And the "jobs", are they paid or how do you plan to compensate those you recruit?

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