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Apr 16 2018 Anchor


so I am familiar with the TSLRC mod revamping loot system in a favorable way, but I am curious if anybody has an actual drop rate/level sheet or bothered checking kotor 2 vanilla loot drop mechanism.

So far I have been testing it as a player, and noticed that after lvl 22~ or so your chances to find Circle of Saresh, Force focusing visor or better implants (mental boost system) increase "considerably". Yet so far I have only managed to find 1 Circle of Saresh at lvl 19 in *spoiler* dantooine khoonda side loot room (the one you should actually lock down against azkul), the rest of the loot is pretty often useless for jedi, even tho nice armor and blaster/disintegrators can drop there at 19~.

Another good spot seems to be dxun mandalorian cache (for testing). These instances are easy to reset/reload. WHich also points to a flaw in kotor 2 loot system: basically you will see like 10% or less of the entire item list by the time you complete 90% of the game. So I guess what I am saying is: is vanilla loot system broken, and anybody happen to have an idea or sort of an excel sheet of what items can drop at what level? And if container being locked matters or not, or if containers add another variable along with your character level to drop rates?

Thanks and sorry if this has been asked here before, or if I addressed wrong topic.

(There are a few tricks to get like easy jal shey advisor armor or grey jedi robe early on in vanilla, along with jal shey meditation gloves (dont speak to dendis dobo too early, and report and jail his brother before speaking to him at all). But other than these reload cheeses, vanilla loot system is really greedy toward your character.)

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