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Just finished my first game and am looking for feedback (It's checkers!) (Forums : Pimpage & Posing : Just finished my first game and am looking for feedback (It's checkers!)) Post Reply
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Dec 19 2020 Anchor

First off, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong forum.

I've been messing with unity and other game engines for a few years and never really finished anything. The scope of what I wanted to make was way too big for what I could do, so I never really improved beyond the basics.

I was playing xcom2 the other day and thought "Damn this game plays so slow. I want to make a faster paced turn based grid combat game." So I booted up unity and almost instantly realized that the idea was still too big. So you know what? Checkers. Checkers is somewhat simple and is technically grid based combat. So I made a checkers game over the course of about 2 days and I actually finished it.

The download comes with a unity assets package if you want to look at it. The overall structure is terrible and the code is all tangled up in a sticky web, but somehow it works! I don't know what I want to do next, but I'll probably figure it out. Probably something small and simple just like checkers. Hopefully I'll see what I did wrong or right here and I'll make it a little bit better.

Thank you for any feedback at all!

Download Checkers - Indie DB

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