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Oct 15 2020 Anchor

Hello everyone!

I'm working on a city building project and I would like to discuss here of one of the concept, see if there is glaring issue I didn't see, or if it is something viable, at least at a concept level.

One of the core game loop I'm going for is:
Job unlock new Building, and Building unlock new Job.
Job unlock new Need, and Building are necessary to fulfill those Needs.

(All the example are note representative for the final version and just here to illustrate, so please bear with me if it doesn't sound logical)

In this game each villager has a set of job they know, the higher the level, the more efficient at this job.
ie. A level 10 Lumberjack will cut more wood than a level 1 Lumberjack.

Each villager has several Need (Fatigue, Hunger, Vanity) that need to be fulfilled. A building + a specific resource is necessary to fulfill this need.
ie. A House will fulfill the Fatigue need, a kitchen with Food resources will fulfill the Hunger need, the Nice Clothing shop with Nice Clothing resources will fulfill the Vanity need.

When working at a place, the villager not only gain experience for the main job, but also for several other "peripheral" job.
ie. When cutting wood, a lumberjack will gain experience in their job Lumberjack but also in their job Forester (to plant new trees)

When reaching a certain level in a job, a new Building can be unlocked.
ie. After spending enough time as a Lumberjack, the villager reach level 2 as a Forester, this will unlock the building Forester Cabin. When working in the Forester Cabin the villager will improve their Forester job, but also start improving their Ranger job. Which, if it reaches a certain level will unlock the building Ranger Lodge, which will allow a villager to unlock the Druid job, etc...

When reaching a certain level in a job, a new Need will be unlocked for all villagers.
ie. After spending enough time as a Forester, the villager reached level 3 as a Plant Gatherer, this will unlock the need for Clothing. (a Need should only be unlocked if the player is able to fulfill it) The player will have to build the building Plant Fiber Workshop unlocked earlier by the job Plant Weaver, itself unlocked while working in the Lumberjack.

With this loop, the player should have a solid progression feeling as he grow the village and with it the job/skill of its occupant and also their need.

I'm currently prototyping all of that, but I would be curious to have your opinion on this loop.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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