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Sep 16 2020 Anchor


I am trying to re-brush my game modding skills, and was wondering if someone knows a link to any detailed resource/tutorial/step by step guide as to how to import custom made 3d models (modeled in packages like 3d max, maya etc) into the quake engines along with all the texture, animations and sound (music and effects) effects?

In specific I am looking for the following information:

1. Model specifications (that quake engine supports) (like max poly's, max texture resolution, the sound format) etc

2. how to package all this? Like .pak , .bsp or .map file?

3. How to trigger animation to specific event.. (example, if I made a model "enemy creature", how do i trigger the custom made death animation that i developed in a 3d package when that creature dies? What code to edit?

4. Lastly, SOUND/MUSIC : how to trigger specific custom background music in a level (example, if a player enters a dark area, I want a specific music to be played till the time the player remains in the dark area. And how to link custom sound effects (that I developed), to the creatures animation. Like screaming sound when the creature is shot, or dying sound when the creature dies etc. And what is the format of these sound that quake engine supports (like mp3, bitrate etc)?

Would appreciate any info.


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