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Nov 3 2019 Anchor

My game was removed from the database and my last post to support did not go through. I'm attempting a second time.

I'm starting to think maybe I messed up? Inappropriate words?

I'm honestly just trying to understand. I've been with IndieDB for over 11 years.

I've been working on my latest game for over a year.

I just updated some information in preparation of an update and a video, and by the time i finished editing the video, my game was just gone. I've been away and haven't been able to work due to a broken computer. I'm not a financially comfortable person. I just want my logs back. I feel really betrayed.

I created almost all of the models, textures, sounds from scratch myself. That I did not, I credited and I wasn't even required by CC-0.

Even if this is just an end to a 11 year relationship, at least tell me why?

Nov 3 2019 Anchor

What game? Can you tell us its name at least?

Nov 3 2019 Anchor

Oh sorry! Duh.

It was listed as "Project Harpy," but I just decided on it's name and renamed it as "Facet" just before it's disappearance.

Nov 3 2019 Anchor

It's still there: Indiedb.com

Perhaps it's related to your set platform filter? Media.moddb.com This happens a lot.

Nov 3 2019 Anchor

Jeez. Sorry about the panic there.

I really appreciate you getting back to me so fast.

That was definitely it.

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