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Sep 14 2019 Anchor

I have a desire to start creating games. But want to create a 2D game
2D game 2D running game Side view My knowledge is
now using Photoshop, Flash, with basic PHP, Java.
Can make web applications that are not very complicated.
The problem of now is not knowing where to start.
From where? Don't know where to start to search for
information Where should it start from?

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Oct 21 2019 Anchor

If you want to create a 2D game post it in the 2D sub-forum. If you mean a 3D game with a 2D/side-scrolling perspective, that's something else.

Oct 27 2019 Anchor

-You need to start with some kind of free game engine, ..that's the ticket.

Seamus.Editor Editor-in-Chief
Oct 28 2019 Anchor

There are a lot of free game engine tools out there nowadays narathong a few that may be relevant to you could be Godot, Unity or Gamemaker. Check out more about them in this article - Conceptartempire.com or check out our engines section on IndieDB Indiedb.com. All the best with your game development journey!

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Oct 29 2019 Anchor

There's also 3D RAD, Genesis3D, etc.

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