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Dec 1 2018 Anchor

I done quite a bit of research about SVgs and animation but I'm still unclear what are the best practices. My goal is to incorporate sleek animations with SVG's in basic static websites Lorem Ipsum Temp Mail 10 Minute Mail and soon enough react, once I'm comfortable using them. The problem is I am not sure how to use these. Some people say just include the svg's in the HTML and animate in CSS. Some say the best way is to use js to create the SVGs or use libraries, etc. So how did you approach the whole SVG/animation thing in your website/react app?

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Dec 1 2018 Anchor

Yeah, you put them in html and animate with css/javaScript. You could break it down in jsx and make dynamic animations in React. Just gotta tinker with them. If it's a lot of animations at once (like in a game), you will want to use canvas.


Here is a link to an online converter for html/svg to jsx. There are also npm modules to help.

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