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Dec 4 2018 Anchor

I am not sure if this belongs in General Banter or Support, but I will place it in GB for now. I see an option in the forums for Dead Mods, where you report “unreleased” mods to be taken down that are no longer being worked on. But I am looking for something to bring them back, the released ones anyway. Any suggestions how to go about doing that? Surely some of you, if not most, have a certain mod in your heart that no one plays any more. It does not matter if it lacked polish or that it may of not had something that the others did have, it is just very special to you. What is the best way to revive them?

In saying all that, any one interested in playing Tour of Duty, a Half Life 1 mod, with me? I'll take either, but I would prefer the 1.3 for that nostalgic feel. ^_^ Thanks!



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Feb 12 2019 Anchor

Best way is to make something (edited video is nice most of the time, but drawn comic, or writen novel works too) that can convey the reason why it is good to play it. Also it is important that you make the accessibility SUUUPER easy, any small detail where they can fuck up someone will and 999.9999% chance that some just gonna deletw it and forget it.

And MOST importantly you have to prototype and test all the above, cuz you got ONE shot. If you blow it, thats it. Ppl can easilly remember things or compare and if they notice some simmilarities to an earlier version of this they just gonna ad it to the pile and ignore it. Thats why comparing any part of it to any game is suuuper risky.

Its hard, like geting that 1 girl in a sasuge party.

Jul 16 2019 Anchor

I thought about making Interactive Fiction for certain games... drawing if I can eye trace something relative to it, as doing it from memory looks like complete stick figures... I did not think about a novel though... except for some MUDs that are all text anyway. ^^!

Aug 23 2019 Anchor

Hi buddy, even I thought something similar.

Sep 9 2019 Anchor

Same here

Maybe itd be a good mod.

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