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Dec 4 2018 Anchor

I doubt that any of the big DJs actually design and mix the sounds so well the way you hear it on the final recordings.

Is it possible to write the song "approximately" so to speak regarding the sound and let your label and some engineers do the rest (perfect mastering and perfecting the sounds)? Or is this not how it works. Downloader.vip Putlocker.ooo< Omegle.onl<

To make my point more clear, let's look at a popular EDM song like "Something Just Like This" by The Chainsmokers. If I would write this song, the chords, the lyrics, and the instrumental part basically, but with sounds not that good and mastered according to my skills which are obviously not the ones of a professional audio engineer. A label might still consider it a good song and have some producers and enginners make the finishing touch.

Or am I wrong about this? Do I need to be a great sound designer for my songs to be recognised?

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