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Oct 6 2021 Anchor

I was just sitting bored and got an idea to learn how to mod games so i thought what better community than this could help me
Please link me any videos or just tell me how to mod games from scratch, Thanks!

Oct 11 2021 Anchor

Hey - getting into modding might require a little more specific on what you're hoping to do. Almost every game needs to be modded in a different way, and even games on the same engine sometimes have very different workflows to get things done. If you just want to pick a game to mod, I'd recommend Half-Life 2 and the Source Engine as a good starting point as the community is pretty much built upon a bedrock of modding, I think it's one of the most easily accessible games for modding, and has lots of different communities that can help you out. That's just from my own experience, though. Modding games like C&C or DOOM are also a good bet because, once again, the communities around those games have lived side-by-side with mods for years (or even decades), and there's plenty of documentation and places to get help.

I can't be more specific than that because of how much variety is involved in modding a game. Do you have a specific mod idea/game in mind?

Oct 11 2021 Anchor

I started with old simple pc games, such as dark colony, and similar games, that had all the files in separate folders.

easy to mod.

Later I modded mugen and GTA san andreas a lot, and then started using game engines.

Do you wanna mod every aspect of a game or just specific areas?

Jan 7 2022 Anchor

I want to know the basics of modding psp games and old games like doom hl1 hl2 Thats all i want to know!! i just need tutorials and thats it!!!

Jun 8 2022 Anchor

The tough suggestion - and tough follow-up - is to get the experience by doing it yourself. It's a tough place to start for sure, but if you've not got resources and not got connections, it's the only way to go. Make some of your own work; build up skills; produce a portfolio and then enough content for your own project that it can begin to attract attention (or give you selling points if you're going out there trying to find people).(CM Trade)

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