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Aug 8 2020 Anchor

Hi guys) I thought for a long time and decided to write. Sorry for my english, used a translator. I'm an ardent fan of my first game, Red Alert 3. How many years has it been on my PC. I always knew about the existence of mods for this game and used to use them, but they were created by someone else and not quite in my taste) I did not even try to create it myself, because it’s not easy to go to the file (which still needs to be contrived go) and fix a couple of numbers. Years passed and I started learning programming, namely web programming HTML, CSS, Python (Django), well, not the point. I decided to play again and there was a desire to adjust a little to my views on the game. Downloaded RA3 MOD SDK V.3. I began to understand, the MOD SDK came with the documentation, read it in half with grief several times and began to make my first mod, namely in the SageXml \ Soviet \ Units folder which is located with the mod's root directory, I took the file "SovietAntiStructureVehicle.xml" (in game - Fau - 4) and forwarded a couple of values ​​(for the test) moved the corrected "xml" to the folder of my mod and created the "Mod.xml" file there where I wrote the path in "Includes" and everything, as it was said in the documentation, began the assembly and in parallel solved a couple of problems myself, and as a result, my mod folder contained ".big", ".skudef" files and a "data" directory with "Mod.xml" and "SovietAntiStructureVehicle.xml" files. And nothing in the game has changed( . I decided not to despair right away and look on "GitHub" for examples of open source mods, but everything was written there for already advanced guys and everything in pieces, more precisely, certain solutions for certain situations and poor understanding of the language prevents me from focusing on understanding. Please, share your experience, what and how should be built in order for the changes to take effect in the game, or a link to a source where everything will be clearly disassembled.When creating a mod, do I need to transfer all the resources associated with, say, in my case, "SovietAntiStructureVehicle.xml" to the mod directory, or when assembling the mod, the program itself knows where to get them and I only need the file that I am changing. I'm not trying to create a new unit or faction (yet), but just taking a template and reworking it a bit.By asking this question, I want to show that I do not know what and how it works. Those who create the mod - Red Alert 3: Corona - are generally gods for me, they remade it beyond recognition, cool programmers). And, I hope, here, too, there will be "wizards" who know their business no worse than them. Thank you very much for taking the trouble to read the appeal to you. I tried to explain the whole situation to you, and not to ask "dry" questions, so that there is more chance that someone will answer). Waiting for your answers COMRADES)))

Sep 18 2020 Anchor

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