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Jun 25 2021 Anchor


I came up with this back in 2014, but I never did anything with it. I'm in a much more stable place in my life now, and I wanted to see if anyone had any ideas.

I'll credit you where appropriate if you are able to suggest ways this can be a game, and I go with it.

This is revised from a 2014 version.

PPF model Introduction

PPF stands for past present future. This is a model of personality, a general philosophy of life and a model of mental illness.

So, without further ado, here we go.

Imagine there are two anchors, but there are three places they can go.

The first is The Past: This includes everything you have learned, all your memories, your impressions of the people and things in your life.

The second is the Present: This includes what is going on at this moment, the sights, sounds, and everything you can sense and currently feel, including the specific and overall physical environment.

The third is the Future: This includes your plans, your creativity, your hopes, your dreams, your goals.

Take some time to reflect on your life, and ask yourself which of the three you feel most comfortable putting your anchors, in other words, if you could only pick two to focus on which do you, and have you generally preferred to deal with throughout your life. Which are you confident you can handle, coming at it from the other direction, which one are you most insecure, and worry about or neglect?

Now imagine the anchors start swinging, and collide, which have the potential to merge into a pendulum, which swings freely between all three. This will allow a person to learn from the past, listen to the present, and leave a legacy for the future. They can carry what they learned, apply it and move forward in a personal, collective and productive direction.

The goal and application of this model will first allow a person to identify how they naturally think. Second this model should help you to understand life in terms of categorizing things and concepts into past, present and future time zones. And third, this should allow for a basic understanding of other people.

There are six possible personality orientations each focusing on a dominant time zone. Each orientation indicates how a person generally likes to approach life. Once that is identified, they can start consciously and or sub consciously interact in their environments to make changes in themselves to get their desired outcomes by leveraging their strengths, improving their weaknesses. Which allows you to engage in social, professional, personal, romantic, and all types of relationships by finding people that help fill the gap and who are similar to you. In interacting with diverse Anchor Orientations (AO) you gain insights into yourself and into other people which can support you in forming a pendulum. This will allow you to help yourself and others through specific, as well as any type of difficult time. Done responsibly and genuinely, application of this model can improve your life and make you and the people you interact with effective, efficient, considerate, caring, confident and happy for the long run-in whatever situation you may find yourself. I know, a cosmic sized claim, and you may be skeptical, how can one person achieve all that? Stay tuned.

It is important to note that when one anchor has more pull on your life that can be positive and negative (I don't use good or bad since those terms and associations are subjective and sometimes judgmental), depending on what it specifically is. Furthermore, this book will cover potentially positive and potentially negative qualities of each AO, and that of the people who strive to form their pendulums. Unfortunately, In serious cases, natural imbalance can lead to signs and symptoms of mental illness if not corrected. this will be further displayed by categorization of terms, concepts and theories that reside in a combination of the Past, Present and Future.

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Jul 8 2021 Anchor

ppl live in the present, dream about the future and sometimes get haunted by the past. This variates for every individual. So what exactly are you asking here and what are you trying to do?

btw u seem biased towards psychology which is just a childish attempt to quantify the human soul. A pure heart = vulnerable/ crazy in pshycology. Big mistake. Try diggin into something deeper like buddhism, way more answers there than anywhere else tbh..

Jul 9 2021 Anchor


Well I'm trying to see if there is any potential for this to be a game or if it should remain just a theory..

Jul 9 2021 Anchor

everything has potential if done right
I see this as some sort of RPG with a very rich ambience where every choice counts. Player picks one thing over the other causing an irreversible change in the ambience at every step, kinda like this game but still not good enough:

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