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Apr 28 2017 Anchor

Given that HD videos at Mod DB only go up to 720p and 30 FPS, it shouldn't be surprising to anyone if I say that Mod DB doesn't exactly provide the best video quality and I understand if it's not reasonable to increase the quality because of bandwidth or how much disk space videos would then take up on the servers.

So instead of directly hosting higher quality videos at Mod DB, how about allowing videos to be directly streamed from YouTube, while still being present on a Mod Profile's "Videos" page like a regular video (and otherwise also being treated like any other video uploaded to Mod DB)? This would significantly increase the quality at which developers are able to showcase their assets.

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Jan 23 2018 Anchor

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Jan 23 2018 Anchor

+1 for this suggestion, it'd be a real improvement to the site.

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