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Guy tried to sell chinese mod in oct that didn't start, i fixed the issue - mod started and were provided for free - page got removed? (Forums : Support : Guy tried to sell chinese mod in oct that didn't start, i fixed the issue - mod started and were provided for free - page got removed?) Post Reply
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Feb 13 2018 Anchor

Hello, i know a user named "dallians" uuploaded a moddb-page in octobre 2017 where he at first tried to sell a chinese mod called "Republic of China 1.0" which is an illegal attempt, - but after being critisized in the comments he did actually upload the full mod for free in a rar-file at Mediafire - so the whole mod was available for free.

The problem was that it did not start and would CTD immediately on start-up - returning the player to the desktop. I did correct this issue the past night, and then it had a problem with "insufficient video memory" when attempting to start the campaign - so it would CTD when trying to start the campaign too - i provided a fix for that as well.

I created an article with these fixes as well as links to the mod itself.

The creator of the page had originally probably bought the mod from the chinese Wanmod-site, then made english translations - and finally tried to sell it here, before releasing it for free at Mediafire.

He did also provide the animations-fix for the mod not starting in the comment section, by providing his entire copy of Medieval II - this is also illegal. I found the separate files uploaded at TWC for the Chinese mod "Sigh Empire".

Now, there is an older page for the same mod located at another spot here at moddb but probably created by the real modders in 2016. I could upload the legal link to the mod and fixes there instead?


I know that the mod is for sale as are many other mods over at the chinese Wanmod site - a Chinese moddb-site where they sell mods.

- But selling mods is in itself illegal, and i have never myself gotten paid for or paid for any mod - i don't think the chinese modders can say it's "stolen" if one hasn't paid for it. It's not theirs to sell as it's based on Medieval II?

End line is that i still have the english version of Republic of China 1.0 and i could provide it and i am certainly not selling it - like that dude tried to do. I did provide it for free in the morning also, but it was connected to his illegal comments on his page which is now removed (i did upload the article on his page) so i think if i use the older thread uploaded by the real guys then it should be fine?

Mod wasn't translated in 2016 when that page was created. It sure is now even though the translation isn't the best.

Happy for clarifications.

Guess i will ask over at TWC regarding chinese mods.

- I am not the creator, but the creators are charging money which is illegal - so should not be a violation to release for free here i guess.

As i've gotten no proper clarifications i will see that as a "positive signal".

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