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Dec 9 2018 Anchor

Hi everyone!

What are the video games you continue to replay over and over again for the last year / 2 / 5? And why?

My team and I are currently working on a roguelike shooter which we intent to make endlessly replayable.

Your insights are much appreciated

Feb 12 2019 Anchor

There is no difference in the reason why we keep playing a game, and why we play it again.

The reason is an unknown element that is suggested that its there, BUT we dont know when we are going resolve it.

Best example is speedruning. The better time is suggested to be possible,BUT we dont know when are we going to reach it, so we keep playing and replaying until it happens.

Feb 14 2019 Anchor

I think the main thing that produces high replay value is new content. Specifically, the player's expectations of new content. When the game runs out of content and the player doesn't expect anything new anymore, there are still some challenges left. But they should be fun and not boring.

When the game runs out of new content and new challenges, it's time to put the game aside. Nothing is truly infinite. (Well, almost nothing.)

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.

--Albert Einstein

Feb 16 2019 Anchor

For me it's if the core game mechanics are fun. For instance, in your game if I enjoy the basic shooting mechanics - the level of skill required, the way npcs react to being shot, how much though is required when engaging groups of enemies that sort of thing - then I'd probably replay the game but something like collecting loot is less interesting to me.

Feb 20 2019 Anchor

TBH there's no game which I replay over n over in the past years. I rather play new game than replaying a game. If I replay a game, it's more because I want to play that game and not in certain period.

Neglecting period and time stuffs, the reason I replay a game is simply because I love the gameplay. I did replay some games to get different ending but only if I love gameplay those games give

Mar 27 2019 Anchor

Any Civillization (mostly 4 and 5 for me, haven't played 6 yet) and Heroes of Might and Magic 3, hands down. I've been bumping them once in a year or two for years and will do so for years to come. The gameplay doesn't age at all and the amount of content (including the fan-made in case of HoMM3) is insane.

May 30 2019 Anchor

Like someone else said, its the core gameplay mechanics that keep me coming back to the same games.

I like "tactical" shooters and ive been playing insurgency for many years now. The core mechanics that does it for me is the way it feels to inhabit the character (movement is slow) and the way it feels to wield the weapons (bullets are lethal and there is a wide range of weapons to chose from).

I am also into hack and slash games and vermintide 1 and 2 are games ive been playing a lot for several years. I think it boils down to the melee system. Fighting has a particular feel in those games and its the reason i keep coming back to it.

Jun 3 2019 Anchor


Maninblue999 wrote:

Like someone else said, its the core gameplay mechanics that keep me coming back to the same games.

I like "tactical" shooters and ive been playing insurgency for many years now. The core mechanics that does it for me is the way it feels to inhabit the character (movement is slow) and the way it feels to wield the weapons (bullets are lethal and there is a wide range of weapons to chose from).

I am also into hack and slash games and vermintide 1 and 2 are games ive been playing a lot for several years. I think it boils down to the melee system. Fighting has a particular feel in those games and its the reason i keep coming back to it.

Insurgency mod was 1000x better, slower, more realistic and more brutal. They ruined it to appeal to the masses. Allah akbar!!

Jun 28 2019 Anchor

Check out DEATH ROAD TO CANADA. It should inspire you. I've played it hundreds of times and it still amazes me to see rare jokes and characters I hadn't encountered.

Jul 23 2019 Anchor

I would like to second DEATH ROAD TO CANADA. Every time I start a new run I find something new and hilarious. It also helps that I have a buddy who is super into it too. Whenever one of us picks it up, we try and figure out if the other had also found this weird character or weapon. It's kind of fun to share the things we discover.

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Jul 23 2019 Anchor

Thief (1998) and Half-Life are some of my favourite games to replay over and over. Mainly because the way they were designed, Thief being an immersive sim with a lot of emergent gameplay to it, and Half-Life being a first person shooter that, aside genre conventions, also allowed for an amazingly deep emergent sandbox. Also, mod support makes it even more replayable. Would say that mod support is even more important towards replay value than just official content developed over a period of time.

Oct 9 2019 Anchor

It's rather sad that no indie dev truly strives to make a game that beats Terraria or Stardew Valley, or even Starbound. The immediate clones I've played are nothing near the quality or level of detail of the aforementioned games... (even if these cult ones are not flawless themselves by a long shot)

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Jan 16 2020 Anchor

Mafia 2


Jul 14 2020 Anchor

Replay value =/= multiple playthroughs.

Total War series have a great value for multiple playthroughs but I find Vermintide, a L4D lookalike game has a high replay value.

You replay same levels over and over with randomized monster spawns. Currently over 200h investend in that game and still not bored.

Aug 5 2020 Anchor

Is it normal around here for super old threads to re-surface?

Also, for fast-paced games I think a really quick restart if important. Like if I die, I want to be playing again in as little time as possible. That makes it easier to keep going and going.

Sep 10 2020 Anchor

I love to play always Uncharted series ..

Sep 14 2020 Anchor

As much as I love stardew valley there is no denying that rare drop rates while a type of padding can make people who have already played a hundred hours have something to do in the post-game. in a strange way stardew valley feels like playing a harvest moon game in easy mode till the post-game. Where contextual odd details that define the lore of the nonsense world of the game that makes it bloom into something quite unique. reminds me of something Guillermo del toro said about monsters where they have to have multiple phases so they never stop leaving the audience in awe.

novelty is what drives our instincts to a state of wonder. but the ability to be familiar with something while being surprised by it seems to be the main thing that leads to pleasure for me in the long run with games. so when you feel you have mastered a system as best you can but the ever-evolving world makes the ability to adapt that understanding to new circumstances.

I was thinking about what my favorite games were while I was typing that pretentious rant. and my two favorite games to play are monster hunter 4 ultimate and stardew valley. the thing is though is that anything I could offer on why I think that is is all derivative of things dwarf fortress does better. I have played dwarf fortress maybe fifty hours. but with my limited experience with it. the conclusion I came to was it is a lifestyle game. with board games, things like star fleet battles or advanced squad leader are considered lifestyle games because they are so complex that the only way to really get the full effect of the game is to only play that game for an extended period of time. not like a week but like a decade. lol and videogames closest cousin to that is dwarf fortress. I think anyone interested in emergent gameplay or replayability (if you distinguish between the two.) should at least play dwarf fortress for a week (like ten-hour a day) and listen to a few of tarn Adams talks on game design.

so in closing a novel idea that grabs the player in a context of systems that lead to the mastery of that novel idea being situational. I know it is easy to say and hard to do or I would be a millionaire lol but as someone who has too much times on there hands to think about game design, I still think that should be the ambition of any non-traditional emergent gameplay based design.

sorry if this was rambling I have been thinking about this a lot lately myself so it gave me a chance to think through it.

Jan 5 2021 Anchor

Deus Ex, the original... it's one of those games (the only one I know of) that when someone mentions it, someone out there will reinstall it XD

Because of the philosophy behind the game, it's tremendously replayable. Oh, and then it's one of the best gaming experiences you can ever have.

The mod Deus Ex Transcended is THE way to install the game on modern hardware, if you want a patched and working game

Mar 16 2021 Anchor

I'm not too fond of endless games in general, mainly because I get the feeling that there's no goal to reach toward, or "ultimate challenge" to overcome. But there are exceptions to every rule ofcourse.

Games I keep returning to more or less regularly though are usually due to nostalgia. I also like to replay games that have alot of secret maps, areas, items etc. :) I really like to discover secret stuff... xD


Creator of Loot Burn Kill Repeat and Demox

//Hobby Programmer, 3D artist, 2D artist and animator

Mar 27 2021 Anchor

Generally, I always find myself starting new games over and over in games like Minecraft and Civilization (5 in particular), as well as Fallout 3 when I'm feeling a bit nostalgic.

I tend to return to these games to get something off my mind or to help me through a bit of a rough period; they're all good distractions.

Mar 31 2021 Anchor

I played spelunky and dead cells the most in terms of replaying games. I replayed dues ex Mankind Divided multiple times as well, there really is something that keeps me going back even if i make some of the same decisions as before

i think the thing about dead cells was al the endless unlockable stuff but it took like four years for me to finally stop playing lol

spelunky is more repayable because its so hard for me to get to the end

Aug 4 2021 Anchor

For me, it boils down to two things (preferably both):

  • How many goals there are to work towards, and
  • How many unknown factors are involved

For the first, I mean upgrades, weapon unlocks, attachments, even cosmetics (though to a much lesser extent). I like to make "progress" in a game and feel like I'm developing something - knowledge, skills, and the available pool of resources I can utilise.

The second means how much randomisation is involved - and thus, how many unique experiences I can expect to have. Roguelikes like FTL might be tough as nails, but the level of randomness (until the final battle) kept me hooked for years. Dead Cells keeps me hooked through a bit of both given the procedurally generated levels. The by-product of multiplayer is inherently fulfilling the second factor as human players are inherently more unpredictable and likely to do things you don't expect.

For your game, I would say some kind of progression system would be ideal, and one that makes a real, tangible effect on each play through. Dead Cells' weapons aren't generally straight upgrades, but allow for different tactics and approaches. FTL does have weapons that are just straight-up better, but the journey to finishing your ship's final loadout and the variety of effective weapons/strategies at each tier of play does considerably enhance the offering of replay ability. Randomisation is good, but not so much you can't begin to learn - you get to know roughly what encounters to expect in sectors in FTL, and thus how prepared to be. You learn what enemies appear in what zones in Dead Cells, even if the zone layout itself is different. There is development of skills and knowledge that gives you more room to breathe when the RNG gods smite you.

Just a thought.

Oct 25 2022 Anchor

Recently played that StarDeus early access, not bad repetitive material. You are an AI on ransacked colony ship in deep space, yeah ..


-Stardeus is a sci-fi colony management simulator with aspects of automation, base building and space exploration.

Become an immortal AI and have robots and drones at your disposal. You can make your human colony grow and prosper on a spaceship, keep everyone in stasis while you build your space factory, or start a robot uprising and turn everybody into living batteries to satisfy your ever-growing demand for electricity.

Aug 20 2023 Anchor

Can someone translate this for me in french language vidmate


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