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Jun 1 2021 Anchor

Hello guys! Smiley

I would like to introduce the game I am working on : Z Collapse

It's a real-time Grand Strategy game, that simulates a zombies global invasion. (the screenshots below are of course WIP !)

Most of zombies fictions set the lights on surviving groups, in a post-collapsed society state. Z Collapse is instead focused on the beginning of the pandemic : Where the first infected are appearing, leading to the invasion of the World.

For the game development, I'm freely inspired by the World War Z novel, from Max Brooks, that treats specifically this subject : the way that Humanity would react to that situation, on a global perspective.

In Z Collapse, you can so play a country amongs 170 availables. Your only goal is to ensure that your government will survive, and to prevent your coutnry from collapsing by the chaos generated by the pandemic.

We are the first June of 2021, all seems to be quiet at the moment...

My aim for this project is to propose a new gameplay dynamic on this kind of game. In most of strategy games, the player starts with a low power, and then is gaining more and more strength, to become unstoppable at the end. Here it's different, the player begins with his full power, but must spend the early-game by preventing the erosion of his strength, caused by the initial outbreak. Then, after having entrenched, collected resources, and discovered technologies, the player will be able to retake the upper hand.

South korean special forces are trying to catch the infestors, responsible for the early outbreaks

In this game, we are in a situation where nowadays geopolitical balances of power are completely changed by this pandemic. Indeed, against zombies, all the modern and complex military arsenal is useless (it is also very well approached in World War Z). The keys for victory resides here in the huge manpower, and the amount of resources available. In that configuration, the easy countries to play won't be especially those that are expected to be!

A zombie horde was formed in Nigeria, just like everywhere else around the world !

A zombie horde is attacking a military base in El Salvador

Regarding the resources, they will be of a crucial importance. They will allow on one hand to produce new troops, but also to produce energy, to keep your population under control. In case of shortages, panic will spread progressively, and your brave peoples will join bandits groups. They will become a thorn in your side, because in order to survive, they will attack the state installations.

A bandit group is scavenging for resources to loot

Desperate to don't have access to any oil anymore, a dutch expedition is launched against a refinery in the northern Sea

The game also includes the refugees management. They can be welcomed, or chased away. Of course, having a strong population in that situation is a solid advantage. But if you don't have enough resources for them, you can regret it...

The Iceland thought they would be safe... until millions of refugees desperatly try to reach it. With some of them infected by the virus

I will post here the advancement details, and more introduction about the game features. They will also be available on Twitter Twitter.com

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