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Mar 15 2018 Anchor


What do you think about a game about Searching for Extraterrestrial Life?

Extraterrestrials - Short Video

I'm developing a prototype about this idea. In a few words, I'll try to describe it:

You control a setelite like the Hubble for example to "look" for stars, planets and other solar systems. Choosing a planet (that it isn't so far of course), you can search about:
1) The coordinates of this planet; type (Gas or Solid); If he has a Sun; Element (Oxygen for example); If he has a high probability to has life, etc.
2) You also have probes to launch there, so when the probe get near the planet, you can look for more details like: Detailed composition of his atmosphere, if he has liquid water and of course if he has life.
this is just the main idea. Please, take a look on this short video that I recorded. Feel free to ask me anything if you want. Thanks :)

PS: I used the Interstellar's soundtrack.

Nightshade Unemployed 3D artist
Apr 6 2018 Anchor

Could you tell a bit more about the game loop?


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