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Apr 9 2019 Anchor

Hi everyone please allow me to introduce my dedicated 2d asset site Gamedeveloperstudio.com

I've been working on this site for a couple of years now and have managed to produce a collection of thousands of 2d game assets including fully animated characters, tile sets, icons, backgrounds, GUI packs and entire level creation kits! There's quite a collection and what's more the list keeps growing.

The most useful thing about the site is that as it's all my own work and I've tried to maintain a single graphic style amongst all of my assets , some exceptions of course, especially with earlier work. This should allow you to create complete games with a consistent art style through out! Of course if the style isn't your thing then my site as a whole won't really be for you.

In case the site is missing something you desperately need there's also suggestion feature and I can also take on custom requests with different licenses.

If you like the site I'd love to hear you opinion or even if you don't I still would like your opinion. I'm also trying to find out if anybody has ever heard of my site before. A simple yes/no in the comments would be much appreciated.

I wish you all the best with your game dev projects!

Jul 5 2019 Anchor

Wow, you do great work, really dig the art style! Sadly, I'm not a developer myself, just a simple man who makes simple mods, so I couldn't use you're work myself.

Regardless, I wish you the best of luck!

Edit: Oh yeah, I never heard of your website, before. Then again, I've never actually searched for a website like yours. I hope you find success, you deserve it. :)

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Jul 13 2019 Anchor

Thanks for your reply curseofnight! I never actually got any emai lnotification so sorry for the late reply!! Thanks for your kind words!

Jul 16 2019 Anchor

You're welcome!

Y'know it's kinda funny... first, I stumbled across your site. Then a few days later I find this one:


It's a 2d game being developed by this guy Casey and a couple of artists. The kool thing is, he live streams the entire coding process so you can follow along and learn step-by-step how to code a 2d game from scratch(audio, video, controller support, etc., etc.). This project has been going on for a few years now and there's like 500+ hour long videos in the archive section! I've only watched a few so far but seriously, I've learned more from him in just a few hours than I did reading random C/C++ for Beginners Guides. He explains everything very well - in a way that complete newbies like myself can understand.

So why am I telling you all this? Because, Sir, your website is now bookmarked, and I will be returning in (hopefully!) about 6 months or so. I wanna see that gold knight with the red cape and his trusty wolf companion take on an army of orcs! ;)

Edit: I went ahead and made an account at your site and grabbed a few of the free things I actually could use now/soonish; pointers pack, ice tiles(for the ground), a background, a house(temp starting screen), and a little blue dude - who will be my test avatar in the coming weeks :)

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