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Sep 5 2021 Anchor

So far i can remember i played Half-Life for the first time i ever touched a mouse and keyboard!

What about you? :)

Sep 5 2021 Anchor

-Hmm, ..maybe Space Invaders.

Space Invaders funny retro


Sep 6 2021 Anchor


Sep 7 2021 Anchor

I think I've played some video games when I was young but the best one I could recall is Digger.

Dec 31 2021 Anchor

A spiderman flash game.

Jan 21 2022 Anchor

The first game I played is Counter-Strike 1.6

Jan 22 2022 Anchor

Descent 1&2 Collection on a Pentium 333. When I finished blasting aliens, i switched to Red Alert 1.

Mar 15 2022 Anchor

Star wars republic commando and Matrix path of neo

Mar 21 2022 Anchor

Mario Brothers on Gameboy

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Mar 26 2022 Anchor

World of Goo

Apr 6 2022 Anchor

Carmageddon 2- it's great game :D

Apr 8 2022 Anchor

Hulk game on a feature phone

Aug 14 2022 Anchor

one I wrote myself for my young son , It was a large haunted mansion, and the object was to shoot the ghosts as they passed random windows. It was for the ZX50 (I think, so long ago) and played on a tv. Then he got a commodore 64 and now lives works in Cyprus with a HUGE rig. His three kids each have their own pcs etc.

Aug 16 2022 Anchor


Aug 30 2022 Anchor

My first console game was Pong. Scott Adams text adventure games were my first computer games.

Sep 7 2022 Anchor

First time i ever touched a mouse and keyboard was in a friends house playing Duke Nukem, Redneck Rampage, Full Throttle and Destruction Derby. Then I got own Gateway PC and the first game I ever bought was Kingpin Life of Crime

Sep 25 2022 Anchor

c&c general

Sep 27 2022 Anchor

ALDO on a dos pc back when we didn't even have a mouse.

Sep 28 2022 Anchor

Pong, but i cannot remember the consol since i was like five, six or something

Oct 6 2022 Anchor

The first game I remember playing was Road Of The Dead, a gory flash game which Adobe Flash Player cannot even run smoothly.

Oct 6 2022 Anchor

-Strange thing is that nobody was mentioned Pacman, Formula and Popeye the Sailor Man or for example Commando ..very strange. It appears that older gamers are gone for good ..or who knows ...maybe uncle Billy got them. :)

Jan 12 2023 Anchor

If i remember correctly i think it was super mario

May 29 2023 Anchor

The first game I can remember playing has to be the Empire Strikes Back game on our old Atari 2600. It's still wild to think that that was cutting edge at one time.

Jun 12 2023 Anchor

The game I was first exposed to was Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros is one of those games that has many different levels with different types of obstacles and enemies. At the same time, this game also has lively and fun music, accompanied by featured images such as mushrooms, coins, fire guns, etc.

Jun 12 2023 Anchor

Preciso de programadores pra por esse jogo on


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