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May 1 2018 Anchor

Trying to download Vampire Antitribu here. I have a 30mpbs line, no problem with other sites or downloads, everyting downloads at 3.0mbp/s except on moddb wich is 10/20 kb/s. I tried all mirrors. Anyone else having this issue? I would really aprecciate feedback since this file is 1.2gb... :(

After a lonnng day downloading at 23 kb/s and a lot o failed tries, it freezed at 28 minutes left :(

May 7 2018 Anchor

Maybe because all EU mirrors are shut down currently and we have to download from USA

May 8 2018 Anchor
Banmin wrote:

Maybe because all EU mirrors are shut down currently and we have to download from USA

Do you know when they will be back? Having same problem

May 8 2018 Anchor


Well, this seems that it is normal at the beginning of each month, so we have to be patient and wait :(

May 8 2018 Anchor

Oh. So they will be available later ? That calmed me down :) Thanks

May 9 2018 Anchor

You can try using Ninja Mod Manager, I was able to get over 600 KB/s downloading from Poland with over 60mpbs line.

Edited by: Banmin

May 10 2018 Anchor

or nexus mod manager ;)

INtense! End Boss
May 11 2018 Anchor

We forgot to turn on our EU mirrors for the month :( ugh... should be fast now!


Scott Reismanis
DBolical | @scottreismanis

May 11 2018 Anchor

Everyone makes mistakes, no problem :)

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