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Feb 24 2021 Anchor

This is a bunch of text

im trying to edit it to be easier to read

Hey As much as many other MMORPG players these days im sure many of you find yourself there where it seems theres a touch of many diffrent aspects

and just waiting on a game that brings them all together to a complete living world

Im not gonna claim thats the goal here But i have been in the recent years traversing many diffrent game worlds

and ive picked up on bunch of things id wanna see in a game

and things i wished were in some games

I Started to write them down and i got a few pages worth

Ive no experience in game development or the fund to start a studio

Altough im wondering what some of you out there might think of what i wrote

With positive responses and maybe some more content by you i might start stepping in the right direction

Thank you

Ill add the information here

Since this game would be all about enriching the exploration side of playing an MMORPG

the temporary name is

This is the few pages i wrote

Explorers Halls

Very much like you
As a person who loves and plays many video games
I get to see alot of Game pages who very much like each other
always welcomes us to Join in and enter some magical world or realm where we will have our adventure in their game world

And Much like as any other person i have my moments while playing those game where as any other person i play a little make belive games
and imagine how id like a moment to be diffrent in a game or a thing i would like to experience

in the state of games this time of our years ive tried out so many diffrent games out there

it seemed every thing had a bit to offer in what seems lacking in complete experience

Ive always had idea's while playing games

i tought maybe i should collect them and build concepts ideas of mechanics and see if it builds a picture that might be able to realise as a real game out there some day

Going to it then

The main Concept of the game is around Exploration
Very much like you , im sure

how many times to you find yourself in your Favoraite MMO or video game
After a night of drinks a bit buzzed and finding the game mechanics a bit stale or lacking

as you wander out into the wilds of the game aimlessly looking at the beutiful sceneries of incredibly designed game assests teeming with wild life

& wish there was a bit more of exploration mechanics in the game itself

a bit more secrets to discover a bit more intreaction with the places outside the quests themselves

Ill share a little experience i have from Bethesda's games

What i loved so much about their single player games that made them feel more then online

It wasn't once or twice that i entered a cave in Skyrim , and witnessed a bunch of emptied out boxes dissapointed from the lack of loot

only to then find one that has A gem inside , a bunch of coins , a weapon
So just as like any other player

I doubled back and checked my inventory as i then followed to restock the empty boxes that was on the way

With soul gems, burnt books , Weapons , Ashes ,Flowers

To try and make belive a sense of interacting with this Aincent tomb , or Grand Altar of some deiety

ect ... ect... many time after doing so , Finding a box with a enchanted weapon or some other kind of shiny loot

Just felt more right ,

as if a reward for bringing back the soul shards and those burnt books into the lootable places

How many altars youll see in my Skyrim Save with a bunch of Burnt out books and gems

Or a bunch of dead corpses in the wastelands with a gun , 8 bullets , and a bottle of whisky next to them is uncountable

I refused to belive that such magical living breathing worlds are not possible to interact with

Is it possible that a bunch of allied soldiers showed up in the map in Skyrim just cause its a random event
Yes ,

Altough it felt much more fitting after i left a bunch of swords on the exit of the Tavren in the city nearby just cause it felt right to see a bunch of swords lying there next to the wall

What am i getting at ?


Interactable World

a Living breathing place where players would Get to know the places
The mysteries
The secrets
to share them and experience a magical game world in a little bit more living way

That brings us to the first Game Concept

The Mages Hall

The Mages Hall

Well The Mages Hall
Part of being in the game world of Explorers Hall
Is about having meaning full locations

Where the player would learn to visit on certien occaisons for specific game realted reasons

All about creating meaningfull places that the player would get to know use and visit

Without those Quests lines that bring the player in out and complete
We head to The Mages Hall

The mages hall a place of knowledge
of books of secrets and mysteries
that is completly created by user-player content
The Mages hall would have Ranks that can be granted to players by players
that would allow them to add information and books about things they find while exploring the game world

What can we have there then ?

The game as said is all about creating content for the explorer type of players of us
For example

We could create Trinkets and magical items that certien mobs would drop as loot

Then We would have a player who returns to main town after exploring with a bag of loot

and a bunch of items he has no idea what they are for

Well seems fittings since the game world is filled with locations that looks like

Aincent Cavrens
Magical forest locations

how do we bring life to those places

Well For one example we could have those items be only operable in those specific places where they could

spawn a random boss
or spawn a speech line from a spirit / tree / allied mob

with a reward for returning the item to its place

enrich the defensive mechanisms for control points

generate buffs

transform equipment to magical equipment based on the locations scenery

many kinds of things

that we will aim to not be a mechanic of gold amount and purchase

then to more of a random event that is based on action to reward thats based on locked events

just instead of pay 100 gold to transform Armor to Shiny armor with aura of the wilds

It would play out as the player returning with loot specific to a place going to the altar or a big talkin tree

or to the boss allied npc there and handing over to him an item / dropping an item in specific location on the floor

something interactable rather then menu's and numbers

The Mages Hall would contain a bunch of other information the players would find deemable to be presented there

For another exmaple

A player returns to town with 2 monkeys following him
Obviously people would ask him how is he allied with monkeys

And he could tell them a story about how he returned a certein item to a location

that brought up for him a speech line from one of the surrounding npc's in the area

that led him to have recived the blessing of the place and gaining
2 allied monkeys to journey with him on hes adventure
untill this or that

Now a big part of the game would be the wild life the Npc's
I for myself am a big fan of how all bag+loot drops on death

Brings in a bit of more immersiveness into the game
of feeling meaninfull and realness in it

Then Obviously from me being around games like those i know about how those game communities are

and how PVE players are not fund of those game realms
So how do we address that ?

A Faction Warfare game system

Factional Warfare
Since the Game realm of Explorers hall is a Full bag drop on death
Weve found the best way to answer that

Is with a Factional War system

The game would have
Most likely 2 Factions warring in its main system
Now this would play out in many other ways that would bring life into the game world itself

We have 2 Factions Fighting aginst each other
How can we use this to enrich our game world

Well , This is just a tought , Since ive recently Visited the game realm of Nave (Mortal Online )

The Mapless feature it presents is kind of intresting
Imagine That theres Warfare between 2 factions

And this is a mapless game world

All about that exploration and getting to know the game world itself

Then What do we do

We create 2 Opposing factions with their own self reflecting traits on the map itself

Now this concept is just so i can keep writing as it will be addressed and be Lore based and reworked

but for now for the possibility to use it for example well go on base form of ideas

Lets say the Game world consists of 2 Factions
1 is The Wood elves
and the other is the Dark elves

The wood elves part of the map would be ritch with greenery

Wild life such as monkeys , foxes , deers walking trees , talking trees

And the Dark elves part of the map would be a bit darker

Darker colored trees Maybe bloodied aswell
Spikes with corpses as scare crows

Ressurected creatures , wild banshees , dark spirits ,

Then What that would get for us is a Living breathing factional control system that would influence how that part of the map itself looks

- Control Points

For the Wood elves part of the map
We would have for example a forest shrine where players could strenghten
By simple tasks like grabbing water from a river and dropping it there
or returning magical peices of strangle shaped wood objects that were recovered from the
Dark elves side of the map and taken to a Cleansing shrine and brought into that area

Now Imaine Theres a control point somewhere out in the wilds away from the main village

theres no map not much menu's theres nothing to alert about it being attacked ,


The fact that a control point is under attack could spawn a game map event
Where a bunch of Npc wild life would run away from the place , as a tell tale signs for players to know there is a place under threat on their factional side
Now We would have to create an elaborate Control point system
Where each side would have its own Trinkets or items to the place itself to claim it

What would Bring depending on each faction its own Npc's and area effects to it
Up to the Forests changing looks from green or dark red

Living Breathing NPC's

Very much like other systems in game

We aim to bring life and meaningfull player interaction to every system possible

How Do we adress that about the NPC's then ?

Well since weve got 2 factions at warfare
that their control of a region influence the map itself
We can create a system where a player can gain certien influence with NPC Mobs that will grant him buffs or even allies if he chooses to venture out into the opposing faction side

For example What if theres a bunch of wild elves that are allied to your faction on your side of the map yet are still NPC Mobs

They on act would only be aggressive towards the hostile factions

Yet the player can go and fight with them to gain renown for being a strong player
That would allow him to request them to venture out with him towards the hostile lands

Lets say maybe not as a team thats bound to him

More like a player can go to a location that (woah im getting Warcraft 3 online mods inspired)

in place would have to sparr with the NPC mobs to get their favor

and in place he could generate their help as a sort of spawn waves going across the enemy faction lines and fighting their mobs that would get him a chance to move in on their control point

or shrines / cavrens / tombs and collect certien items for example stolen objects they have placed dark encantments on he would then have to cleanse in a cleansing location thats created for such specific items interactions
and return to hes own shrines

or with a group of players Change that entire places affiliation to hes faction's side

How else can we make Npc and mob interactions

Since the gear systems would be reliant on shrines and enchantments from the game world itself

We could make many of the interactions with mobs lead to secret dialog options that would allow to purchase / enchant the players inventory

What we aim for

Is that for a player in this game there would be alot to discover and learn and know about places to go to when he needs something

that would make those places feel a real meaningfull part of the game world
No place in the world would be without content

Every place would have its attraction for explorers that would have the explorer feel a little bit more at home once knowing about that that the place has to offer

Gear Systems

How many of us
Loved the gear system of POE or orignally Diablo 2
The shiny Purple named magical items
That brought us joy to show off with
Now very much like other systems in the game that aims to bring the game world itself to life and have meaningul player interaction about the exploration and use of mages hall

So must the gear system be involved !

What can we do about it
Just like many games these days
The crafting systems is a big pull on alot of players

So alike games i am very much fund of that have great crafting systems
the thing that was missing for me in them

Was the magical shiny items that diffreates from other players gear bag
What we could do is create a base material type to gear value system
And add to it a touch of magical world interation

As such as travelling with a freshly crafted gear bag
to a location of magic such as a shrine or an altar
that had information in the mages hall from some ones discovery
that a special interaction with the place blessed hes gear set with an enchantment that even changed the outlook of hes gear

We do intend to bring in magical weapons and gear peices that are only obtainable in special expeditions to places of intrest in the game world altough most of the gear would be crafted

as a faction look gear peice that could be blessed / enforced / aura enchanted in certien locations for a permenent gear shift

How many times Have i wandered (on a buzz i have to add)
and found myself /bow or /kneel or / taunt
an npc

I loved how Darksouls gave those emotes impact in the game

Imagine while fighting a boss in some location somewhere out in the wilds
you find yourself not strong enough and running away
and finding out the mob shouting at you
"Come back here Human
That was a Worthy Challange "
"Whats this worthless sword your wielding , Here Grab this "
And the Boss leads you to a collection of hes weapons

and challanges you to return when your stronger

Only cause after damaging him enough youve decided to run off ,
that led to a speical mystery event to spawn

and now your back in town
With a Wickdly shiny weapon with a cool aura around it
talkin all about it in the mages hall requesting one of the lurkers whos chilling in there to write about that discovery

Notes About full loot

Thing is
With Factional Warfare
The Fact is There wont be much Greifing for players
Since Theres factional warfare
And for a player on hes own faction side of the map
Most Npc's Would be Allied to him So if he is not intrested in venturing out to danger zones
theres not much danger

And even when there is He is on great advantage since he could just run into a bunch of allied NPC's to gain help with the fight

Now since we have the system where it spawns waves of allied forces that would venture into the enemy side of the map
Where does their loot go ?
Have ya ever had your cat present you with a present for being a kind human and bringing him food ?

Lets just say That having Renown or favor with an NPC group would have its benefits

as That if a gear bag is on the floor on some side of the map it would not go to waste
Dropped items on a certien location would be picked up by the NPC's on that area
What would lead them to generate control point resources , that those reasorces would be played a part in taking over/reinforcing that control point

and would also generate a reward box for that control zone

that would lead to NPC's in that area to gift its allied faction players who are venturing and interacting with them more greatly

If you have read all this to this point

first of all i thank you

and i assume your imagination senses have sparked and you might have a few cool ideas yourself

Please do Add them

Most of this is in concept designs and is in no place to sugguest about Game engine possibilities or capabilities

This is just in concept writing or wishful writing about game mechanics and concepts id like myself to be brought to life

If youve the skills and knowledge in game engines present (Unreal / Unity / ect ) and know if some of these things im mentioning are possible / unrealistic

Please your writing about it would be greatly appreciated

Thank you again


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Mar 26 2021 Anchor

This sounds like quite a great idea! There's a big potential issue, though; exploration-based stories don't go well with crowded servers. The MMORPG system could be great to create explorer parties, to build balanced groups etc, BUT if the treasure caves and dungeons you're exploring are full of other parties, it'll stop looking like an adventure and more like a trip to Paris in the middle of summer.

Then, if it's done well, this could be an awesome game I can see myself buying.

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