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Apr 15 2019 Anchor

For some time now, I've been keeping a weekly devlog for my main project. Having recently signed up here, I'm a little uncertain as to whether to cross-post it on this site--whether such devlogs are welcomed here--and if so, where I should post mine.

From what I've seen, there are two potential locations in which I might post a devlog: my game's "articles" section, and the "pimpage and posing" section of the forum.

As to the "articles" section, I'm writing weekly updates, and thus seldom have enough media content to meet the requirements for a given entry to not be archived if posted there. But still, perhaps it's worth doing so anyway?

As to the forum, I don't see many multi-post threads on the first page there, so perhaps it's not intended for devlogs.

And of course, it's entirely possible that I've missed the proper location, or that such devlogs are simply not welcomed here.

Thus my question in the title: should I post my devlog here, and if so, where should it go?

Apr 22 2019 Anchor

Hey, you could take a brief look at at the front page of IndieDB Indiedb.com and also Articles section Indiedb.com as you can see, dev logs are welcome here. You do not have to worry about media content, archived articles, quite unlike archived games or mods (which are effectively hidden on the site to everyone except visitors who possess direct links to them), are still visible to your visitors and followers, they are simply not featured on the home page of IndieDB. (You just need to make sure to link your news with a few community fangroups such as Indie Gamers or Indie Devs using the Linking section at the bottom when submitting a new article, because your article will be a little more visible that way.)

Apr 22 2019 Anchor

Ah, that's great to read, and thank you for the response! Well, I'll update my blog with last week's post (which I skipped due to this uncertainty) and this week's, then, I think! ^_^

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