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Apr 3 2019 Anchor

I was planning to publish here a devlog, consisting mostly of updates regarding a game I'm developing, and about mostly design-related posts regarding some choices and its early history and stuff.

I wrote the first post, and I submitted it from the game's page with "news" option selected.

It got archived because it had no images.

Umh, ok, no way it's going to get any image, it's not that kind of article, it just can't be adapted that way. Maybe other articles in the future will have them, but I cannot produce so many images for every article I'm writing. So I'll have to select something else.

There is this alternative category named "tutorial", but I couldn't find any info anywhere on what it entails. It's all very vague sometimes, but here it's just… empty. No info at all.

Then I've finally found out that there also are some general "blogs" in a completely different section, but they don't seem to be linked to a specific game.

So… do I have just to give up on publishing such a devlog here, or is any option available?

PS: in case you were wondering which kind of content we are talking about, I also published it over there.


Lohoris, Director

Goblinsama Ltd.

Apr 4 2019 Anchor

They all should be self-explanatory. They are exactly what their names suggest:

News: any kind of news, announcement, progress update, or release info.
Tutorials: dev tutorials, gaming tutorials, guides, and so on.
Features: features by site staff members, also less general news or info such as faction characteristics, character info.
Blogs: personal blogs. You can post gaming and dev stuff here as well, the only difference is blogs are always more... personal, and cannot quite be authorised or archived. So blog posts are all "archived" or "personal" by default.

And not sure why people always misunderstand what archiving means. Archived articles are visible to your followers and visitors of your game or mod profile page - they are simply not featured on the home page of IndieDB because they lack media and thus quality to be handpicked by editors and featured there. Cheaply made and medialess articles are archived, and that's that. All articles are welcome on the site, but sorry, only the "best" ones should be featured, otherwise your articles would be bumped down and off the home page of IndieDB almost immediately... and no, nobody forces you to make any of your articles presentable. Users (devs) alone decide whether to spend some time fixing up the news or save some time and leave it as it is.

Edited by: feillyne

Apr 7 2019 Anchor

My first article got "archived" but I was sent some guidelines, a link to some post buried in the forums somewhere I think. So I followed those, added some images and a video, asked for it to be reconsidered for the home and it was put up. Never had a problem since. IndieDB even tweeted one of my articles so if you follow the rules you might get a bit more publicity then you expected.

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