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Nov 14 2019 Anchor

One of my favorite aspects of classic FPS games is their pace - they're fast. I like when player can fly across whole level, shooting from some crazy-quick gun ripping everything around apart. So no wonder i fond of Brutal mods for them like Brutal Doom, Brutal Half-Life and Quake 1.5. And of course some "new" games with such pace like Dusk. Can you suggest me any mods for old first person shooters like Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Medal of Honor and such, which make them faster, i mean MUCH faster

Nov 17 2019 Anchor

I don`t know for mods, but you can play very old game called Serious Sam , witch is very aggressive in nature, i suppose it`s your style of play. Started with First Encounter (2001) and plenty of continuations, will give you hours of unimaginable pleasure and happiness.

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