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Mar 28 2020 Anchor

Hi guys! Since I have to stay home all day because of the virus, I started to have a lot of free time... I wanted to have a new hobby and since I play games all the time in my freetime, I decided to get into into game dev. I've always been interested but I never had the willingnes to put those hours into this, but now I have nothing else to do really... So of course, I have a big idea for a new BR game. I played the hack out of Dayz and then moved to Pubg when it came out. I always loved these post apocalyptic survival multiplayer games. I really like the idea of Battle royales too. So I started to think about a new br game but the twist is that it is a bow and arrow and maybe melee combat game. My other big passion has always been bows and hunting targets silently. So with these thoughts, I began to have some ideas:

So, this is a bow and arrow only game as I mentioned. It is a Br, but I don't want it to be a fast paced game like CoD Warzone, I prefer the slower Arma type shooters so I imagined this game to be slower. Because of this, it would be a nice thing to have some survival aspects too like drinking and eating. It is a BR but I like the idea of Tarkov too where u loot some stuff and your goal is to get out with that loot, so I want some kind of this stuff too. I want character progresson outside of the matches. So there's gonna be a leveling system, with unlockable perks like faster sprinting, more breath control while aiming, more silent steps so on. Progression system motivates the player to play more or at least I've always felt like it. Because of this, it would be really unfair to new players to play against max levels, so I want a matchmaking where only the same leveled characters can get into the same game.

Also, u will have an option to to p in an "any level" bracket, and if u get a good placement or kill enemies that are much higher leveled then you, it will give much more xp. Although, if u dont get a good placement, you wont get anything. I want this type of mode to be a coinflip, if u are good enough, u can progress fast but if u are not u will have no nrogression.

Another idea to this leveling system is having some kind of perks to simulate people getting stronger. Like, there will be a vaulting system, but a level 1 player won't be able to pull itself to a roof for example, but a lvl50 character will be strong enough to do so.

I really like the system of Tarkov, so I implemented a few ideas from it but I don't want people to be able to start with op weapons. Sine we will have a drinking and eating system, u will be able to bring food and medic kits, bandeges, so on with yourself from the beginning. U will be able the craft powerful foods that u have to find recipes for and find the ingredients for it. For this and since it's a bow game, I want some pve kind of fights too in the form of hunting. There will be some rare animals that u can hunt for their stuff and then cook powerful foods that give u buffs. They will be marked and other players will see these too so this could make some nice fights. Then, u will have a zone where u can bring these kind of things and they will be saved in your out of game inventory.

Gameplay wise, I want this game to be slow and more like a thief game that is more about patience and smart planning then jumping 360 noscope. I would like to have some nice variety of bows, crossbows. Big scope, red dot, different types of arrows, ones that are long range, ones that are short but really effective, explosive arrows, gas arrows, double or triple arrows for a close quarter fight and some kind of melee figting system too, when someone tries to knife u from the front, u will be able to defend yourself somehow. There will be armoures on the ground like in pubg. So the loot will be weapons, arrows, armour, helmet, medic stuff, food, drinks.

After all, it is nice to have some ideas but I know, this cannot be a one man project especially when I'm a total beginner, but I wanted to give you some ideas so maybe there are gonna be some team that will make such a game.

Apr 27 2020 Anchor

cool! there is a vr game named Airranger, it's a bow and arrow battle royale game.

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