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Nov 5 2017 Anchor

Hi everyone,

I’ve been playing this amazing game for more than a decade now, downloaded all the updates (including the 1.06), and although I still find it incredibly enjoyable, there is one thing that has been annoying me for a long time.
When I play the battle for Helm's Deep (mission 11, good campaign) when the Uruk-hai army arrives at the end of the countdown and the cinematic appears, the wrong music starts to play (the typical foe’s theme created for the game). I used to say to myself that maybe the game didn’t have that part of the LotR soundtrack (i.e. the score from the battle at Helm's Deep), but then when I play mission 13 (Northern Ithilien) and the caravan arrives at the end of the countdown the theme from Helm's Deep starts to play!!!
I think this must be a glitch and it really spoils the epic potential of mission 11: would it not be cool to play that level with the right music starting when the Uruks arrive, just like in the movie?
So I was wondering whether perhaps you are aware of any patches/walkthroughs to fix this (I had a look at the other posts but did not find anything on this specific issue).

Thanks a lot in advance!

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