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BF2 Arctic Warfare mod install & removal has crashed all BF2 mods (Forums : Tech Support : BF2 Arctic Warfare mod install & removal has crashed all BF2 mods) Post Reply
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Jan 5 2021 Anchor

Windows 8.1 Pro w/ Media Center, PC, Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti. Been playing BF2, AIX 2.0, NAW mods forever. Never had these issues until installing & then removing Arctic Warfare mod 2 days ago. BF2 mods will launch, but 3 things happen to render the game unplayable:

1. Game does not open full screen like it normally does. Now it blinks & runs minimized in Windows toolbar at bottom of screen until you click on the minimized window...then it will go full screen.

2. Noticed the loading of the game w/in BF2 no longer hangs at 62%.

3. Game will launch, old guy commander will have his say, but loadouts don't display, nor does the map. You just sit at that view of the battlefield and the match starts without you. You can't move from where you would ordinarily see the loadouts. You can't choose anything, screen is blank except for the battle going on around you. All you can do is Esc and back to main menu.

Any idea what the heck has been changed to cause this behavior? I used the Arctic Warfare uninstaller, even. Thankfully, I have a recent Restore Point that I can use, but would prefer not having to do that. Definitely prefer field surgery to fix this problem, not System Restore.

*** Oh yeah, I installed Point of Existence 2 from here, as well, hoping that install would correct whatever Arctic Warfare maligned...but no joy. Dangit.

Thank you for any guidance!


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