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musicbyjoao Music Composer
Mar 29 2021 Anchor

I was wondering what are you best moments in video-game that blew you away largely because of the music during that moment. This is not to be confused with favourite soundtracks.

The following are some moments that immediately came to mind when thinking of occasions that blew me away when I watched them for the first time. They are mostly simple moments that were different than expected and therefore had a great impact and left an impression on me.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Noel's Theme in Dream sequence
This is a level where you find yourself in a dream where the background track is a very emotional song! This took me by surprise and it really added an deeper layer to the gameplay

Ori and The Blind Forest - Boss fights
I'd loose a life on purpose sometimes just to keep experiencing the soundtrack mixed with the gameplay. The music is just phenomenal.

Sonic The Hedgehog - Theme and 1st level
When I was growing up, I didn't have Nintendo. But I remember playing Sonic for the first time at my cousin's place. The speed, colours and music were just so new and lively that the soundtrack got stuck in my head and many others of my generation.

Tomb Raider
I think it is in the first of the latest instalments of Tomb Raider where there is a scene full of explosions as you escape a house in a snowy mountain. The music was largely written in a high register, which allows for SFX and music to very present at the same time. I thought it was impactful and very smart. (note: at this time I had TV speakers, so it is possible that some of the lower frequencies from the orchestra with the explosions were a hit and miss, however, it worked quite well as I heard it. I haven't gotten back to hear it again, actually. But it got stuck in my mind.)

Nier:Automata - Ending E
The shooting through credits during an anime style song was really unexpected and cool. However, when the stakes are higher and the music intensifies, I thought it took it to a new level.

What are some of your favourite moments??

Mar 30 2021 Anchor

For some reason, sad music from visiting Cyrus' tomb in Chrono Trigger stuck in my head. It's not my favorite music really, but the moment was perfect: sad music during sad moment.

Other moments are either boss battle or travel levels with upbeat music.

Contra 3: Alien Wars : The 4th stage has cool music and it's motorcycle ride level. The battles were intense and the music fits to support the battles.

Contra Hardcorps: 2 favorite tracks: RAVE and GTR Attack are played during boss battles. The upbeat vibe from RAVE was perfect in battle against Deadeye Joe. GTR attack is played during 2 boss battles but the best moment is against, you guess it, GTR. The moment when it arrives, stopping the train then attacking you was great and made perfect with the track.

Castlevania : Order of Ecclesia: Sorrow's Distortion is played in boss battle against Albus. The upbeat vibe mixed with twisted tunes somehow matches with Albus who is kinda twisted.

Hunters Relics of the Star: The ending music after completing all 6 episodes was perfect, it gives completion feeling for completing the series.

Mar 30 2021 Anchor

I feel like I should mention Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. As haunting as the ladder scene tends to feel, the reverb of Snake Eater playing during the entire climb gives me goosebumps.

Apr 14 2021 Anchor

Idol of the Time and Space (Devil May Cry 4): My first impression about this song was too soothing and heavenly. Whenever I go to a nearby divinity statue there was this feeling about getting a boner (sorry), as if I got separated mind and body. It makes me wonder if my actions in life were worth of not, which I still think they made no difference.

Deliverance (God of War 4): lol kratos with axe and shield vs connor mcgregor with fists haha

Antipyretic (Final Fantasy Tactics): I expressly want to say I freaking loved Final Fantasy Tactics, and its soundtrack. Particularly this theme stands between risking to lose someone dear and moving forward as the hero had this responsibility to save the world.

Ultima, the Nice Body (Final Fantasy Tactics): One of the themes that motivated me after going this far to the game even though the final boss was a bit too easy to beat without spoilers.

Jhin, the Virtuoso (League of Legends): Violins make me ecstatic. Choirs make me feel like I'm in an orchestra with him firing the fourth shot. Combining this, it is perfect.

HOME (Undertale): Listening to this music feels like home, even though it isn't.

Jun 5 2021 Anchor

The Curse of Monkey Island: A Pirate I Was Meant to Be. The Curse of Monkey Island has one of the funniest interactable songs in gaming

Jun 11 2021 Anchor

I feel like I should mention Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. As haunting as the ladder scene tends to feel, the reverb of Snake Eater playing during the entire climb gives me goosebumps.

I absolutely agree with you. Incredible music at this moment.

3hours ago Anchor

Saints Row: The Third - Power CG Trailer

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