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GlassBear GlassBear
Dec 24 2017 Anchor

Hi indiedb!

First time posting here! We have been working in the past few months on a Game called Asterion. It is a 3d Isometric role like adventure game that will come out on pc hopefully at the end of the next year.

Right now we are working on our combat system, but our game will also have puzzles and a great narrative for you to enjoy! Since is the first time for us around here, we want to show you some of our progress, including a glimpse of one of our characters, and some sneak peek images for our upcoming teaser. We hope you enjoy and leave any critic and comments you like! See you next week for more updates!

Check out our: Cyclops Character here Youtube.com
Or maybe you would like to see how our game is looking so far Youtube.com
We are also working on our teaser you can see sneak peeks here!

If you want to know more about Asterion you can follow us at:
[Facebook] (https://www.facebook.com/AsterionsLabyrinth/)
[Instagram] (https://www.instagram.com/asteriongame/)
[Twitter] (https://twitter.com/glassbearstudio)

We have also set up a new game profile here on indiedb for you to check out and see our weekly updates, we hope you help us on the development of this dream. Thank you for your attention and have a Merry christmass!

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Dec 29 2017 Anchor

I love isometric games, and yours looks like it's off to a great start. Looking forward to learning more and seeing how you build the narrative! Hope you had a great Christmas, and Happy New Year!

GlassBear GlassBear
Jan 1 2018 Anchor

Thank you so much I hope this holidays were the best for you! We will keep updating our game page with more content in the next few weeks. Right now we are working on a teaser that will show some of our game narrative and mood and we will also release a small video showing some of the gameplay in action after we finish polishing our combat animations. Thank you for your kind words and we hope you will follow us on this journey! Have a great 2018!

Hey guys! After a long week we are back with a new update on Asterion. First we want to show you some awesome animations our animation team have been working on for the past few weeks, and on top of that we there is also a quick preview on our work on vfx, we hope you like them and it would be great if you can give us as much feedback as you can.

Thank you and have a great weekend!

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