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Oct 4 2017 Anchor

There is a free open source 2D animation software named Dragonbones. It's a bit barebones, but since it is open source we have been able to adapt to using it in our engine. Now however, we have a bit of a problem. In the latest update, they removed the create keyframe button and replaced it with three different ones, for rotation, translocation, and scaling. Also, if I select all bones in a scene and press any of those buttons, everything resets, which means I need to animate everything one bone at the time. That obviously does not work, which is why I'm writing this.

Is anyone using Dragonbones? Do you have a workflow that still works? Did anyone figure out how the Autokey button works, maybe that is the solution?

I've emailed their support as well, but can't hurt to ask you as well. :)

Nov 22 2017 Anchor

First time hearing that, will try it ;) I dont know anything about your question but, deffo will try it. Cheers mate

Nightshade Unemployed 3D artist
Jan 22 2018 Anchor

Reminds me a lot of Esoteric Spine


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