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Jun 10 2021 Anchor

I could use some help for a personal modification of Quake 2 that I'm working on for greater visual realism and immersion. It's pretty straightforward and I'm not looking to make any sweeping changes, and since the engine code has been open source for nearly 2 decades, it shouldn't be too difficult for someone in the know.

The needs for this project are as follows:

  1. A replacement model for shields with something that actually looks like you could use it as armour repair/replacement, for example replacement armour or those spray things from Quake 4.
  2. The implementation of a Halo-esque 'holster' where no weapon model appears onscreen, and attacks, naturally, are melee. The melee part has been done many times over the years, with varying degrees of success, for example Ya3dag. There's a tutorial for implementing melee into Q2, but apparently some people say it doesn't work.
  3. To stop all the worldmodels for pickups to stop spinning on the spot. Now this apparently has already been addressed in a port, but I've yet to find out which port it is. I'm hoping it's not Yamagi because I couldn't get that running on my PC.
  4. Related to the previous- for said worldmodels to not be hovering 3 foot off the ground as well. This is my greatest grife with the game, as every other problem I've thus encountered has, at least in theory, an existing solution that I've either been unable to find a patch for, or not smart enough to implement myself.
  5. Now this is more of a side note, there's a number of Quake 2 mods I want to try and implement into the game, but I've no idea how to do it. I miss modding GoldSrc, it's so much simpler and the jank about it was more charming.

Any takers, I'll try and check the replies regularly but I'm more active on Discord (https://discord.gg/s5wKBxBMuT) and, to a lesser extent, on email (bbofbolansmedia@gmail.com).

I'm just a little desperate, please call back. This is a passion project for me and I'm clueless about using this engine.

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